Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scrambled Eggs

Now here's a bit of an obvious one for Beatle Nuts such as myself. Good old Wimpole Street, the rather smart abode where Macca rested his head on a beautiful flaxen haired maiden (at least to start with ?) for a few years in the mid sixties. And of course, this is where he famously knocked out Yesterday...and the story goes the song started its life as 'Scambled Eggs, Baby I really love your legs' or words to that effect. God knows we all know that.

Anyhow, this is that mansion and here is the door - one two three four. Let's look through the square window.

His room was at the top - up there ...see ? But maybe not quite...I think I read he had the room on the other side and had a view over Browning Mews at the back. So here is the back.

Workmen eyed me with extreme wariness as I snapped away. Funny (not really) but no matter how I try to make small talk with those doing a bloody decent proper job, I never seem to quite hit it off. Think about that later.

Here is the Mews - oh for God's sake.

Now the reason for my extra-curricular visit to the greatest metropolis of all this week was to get the yearly corporate medical check up - except this year it was the absolute Full Monty. Three hours of prodding, probing and 'other' examinations which do not bare describing. The conclusion was favourable and the good doctor told me I was in reasonable shape for a man of my age..."I am not a man of my age !" I protested a little too much. Now their expert conclusion may have been just a little optimistic as, if I am really honest, I may have been a little parsimonious with the truth regarding the levels of quaffing and it may just be the case that a few phantom salads found their was into my four day diet diary - perhaps in place of a couple of pasty(s)(s) and chips(s)(s)(s). Interestingly (yeah right) the doctor advised that I should vary my breakfast of toast, toast and more toast with the occasional scrambled egg. Funny you should say that, Doc.

Stumbled across the Rough Trade record shop on the way to the pub ....I mean wholefood shop, Doc. I seem to recall my punk mates (were they my mates ? I like to think so but then again, there was that incident when they threatened to set light to my kaftan....) telling me about Rough Trade being a cool place where they sold bootlegs   -- but only to cool people they added rather pointedly. Happy days

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

John and Yoko at Rochester Cathedral 

Little did I know as an 'orrible teenager hanging around the The King's Head on Rochester High Street that but a few years earlier J and Y had been in attendance at the Cathedral ? Then again, how would I have known, does (or did) it make a blind bit of difference and what the hell does it matter. The answer is matters because I am a hopeless obsessive and I need to feed the madness with these tit-bits of trivia. And that's all.

24 Chapel Street

Favourite book in hand, a swift quaff (or three) at the very decent Horse and Groom just around the corner - a very pleasant hour filled. I meant to carve off  a bit of those railings but left the hack saw in my other jacket. Note to self : What the hell are you doing ? Stop this madness ! (the drink, that is)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Given my near obsessions (ok - full on scary obsession) with all things sixties, I can't believe I have not seen Performance. I do recall seeing snippets of the underground, avant garde film aired as part of a series of cult classics in the late seventies but that's about all.

So yet one more tumbleweed moment occurred yesterday afternoon as the kids arrived home unexpectedly early (unfair I think - but best not to press that one). Unfortunately, they walked into the TV room just as Anita Pallenberg strutted her not inconsiderable stuff in a no-clothes type situation. My attempts at explaining the nakedness on the avant garde and, anyway, the sixties was all about letting-it-all-hang-out...well it just did not impress. The eldest of the Briligs, always the least sympathetic, asked sarcastically whether I had any other 'avant garde' films I watched alone..bloody cheek. For Christ's sake ! Can't I have a few hours to myself ? Can't I ? The DVD case revealed the price paid - which also raised eyebrows given my previous promises to the clan that my obsession would be curbed.

Whilst the film was released in 1970, it was actually filmed in 1968. I wonder what JL made of it ? Now I don't think my loyalty to all things Lennon can be questioned but..but...whilst he was messing around with Grapefruit books and sitting in white bags old Jagger was making an incredible cult movie. No wonder Johnny Boy got frustrated with Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da and the 'granny music'.

Yoko in Folkestone ?

What strange parallel universe have I just dropped into ? Weird as it seems, Yoko is to exhibit at the Folkestone Triennial arts jamboree this summer. But the bit that really surprised me was that this is not her first time in the land of my youth...apparently she was there back in...wait for it ...wait for it....1966 !

This obviously needs a little more investigation. Was this exhibition BI or AI (before or after Indica Gallery of course). If AI is there the remotest chance ....No !!! Of course not ! But on a very personal level (what else is there) I find it intriguing that, as my old Nan strolled along the Folkestone Leas - walking past the Metropole Arts Centre - with her four year old grandson in tow, Yoko was just inside the door pinning notes on the ceiling advising bewildered old Folkstonians to 'breath'.

Folkestone is a funny place - more funny peculiar rather than funny ha-ha. Its former delusions of grandeur long ago swept far away. It has had many attempts at regeneration without a great deal of success.

I hope it goes well for Yoko and dear ol' Folkestone. Maybe I'll try my luck and ask her about the BI AI situation should there be some kind of Q&A session. Or maybe not.

I starting to think about a book, "Beatles in Kent" ? We know there was the Knole Park SFF video, the West Malling MMT filming, the pictures of the Fabs cavorting around the Margate Hotel swimming pool, JOKO at Rochester cathedral....ok maybe not a book, more of a pamphlet....or perhaps just a flyer....

Breaking news....the kids say they have just discovered a picture of young Brilig outside the Metropole Arts Centre !  Very funny.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Abbey Road - I'm Coming !!!

Early birthday present - visit to Abbey Road on 3-May 11:00 am ! Ken Scott will be there ! Five exclamations marks and counting...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

George V and all that

The other week I had a couple of hours to spare in London and so I settled down for a beer or three at one of my favourite pubs (just a few doors up from the Beatle Shop in Baker street - so predictable)  and through the marvels of modern telephony I trawled the information superhighway in search of any Beatle happenings in the vicinity. Having been within a few hundred yards of Macca and his impromptu Covent Garden gig last year and only a tube stop away from the Abbey-Road-Recreation-Thing not so long back yet missing them both, I thought I'd get myself fully connected through the Twittersphere and ! Quick move it ! A Harry Benson exhibition at the Mallet Gallery in Mayfair but closing in one hour. 

Hot footing it to the heart of Mayfair, I was initially a little apprehensive as the building looked more like a dammed fine sumptuous town house and not entirely welcoming. However, I ventured in and got chatting with a very pleasant American lady at the desk. She informed me that Harry Benson had been hanging around the exhibition all week but had just left for a flight to Texas ten minutes earlier...and that he had been chatting with visitors and regaling them with stories from his Beatles past ! What ?! Just missed it by ten minutes. Ho hum ho hum ho hum. 

The exhibition was really impressive. The most iconic shot, of course, is the pillow fight in the George V hotel in Paris (iconic for Beatle freaks that is; the wider non-care-in-the-community types might argue that the assassinated Bobby Kennedy shot is somehow more important).

But look at this picture of ol' Johnny Boy. Knackered and depressed after nearly messing it up with his Jesus comment.

I was most impressed with the Mallet Gallery. I love it that such places exist in the heart of London and that they are there to be discovered on a wet afternoon.

Now, as it happens, I was at the George V earlier this week......when I say 'at' the hotel  I guess I had better clarify. I was not exactly 'at' as in 'staying/sleeping/eating/nicking the towels'. I really mean I was standing outside its sumptuous entrance snapping away to the point where I was clearly raising the interest of the not-so-friendly-looking gendarme. I moved on. 

<ALLONS-Y !> - nothing to see here as the good doctor (no. 10) has been heard to remark. (Mon Dieu ! Beatles and Dr Who - pass me my anorak kids ! What do you mean which one ?!.....its the blue one with the Yellow Submarine badge of course ..)

Friday, November 22, 2013

West Malling - A Famous Shop.

Well...famous may be pushing it a bit but this shop has, nevertheless, a place in Beatledom. For this ...(wait for it...wait for it..)  is the view from the inside (inside !) of the Rain Grill Kebab Shop in West Malling, Kent - purveyors of very fine kebabs of all persuasions and I can vouch for that having partaken of the ancient rotating meat this very lunchtime. This is the very shop in which Ringo purchases his MMT tickets from a mustached behatted Mr O'Boogie

Happily, the Fabs seem to have had a bit of a 'thang' about dear old Ancient Cantium having cavorted around 'my tree' in Knole Park in early '67 for the poptastic Strawberry Fields Forever video and then returning to the West Malling spot  later that summer for fun and frolics at the aerodrome. Lest we forget that ol' Johnny Boy bought his Mr Kite poster in Sevenoaks high street. 

Now, I must  confess that each time I investigate a Kent Beatles Spot I find (a little to my dismay, it has to be said) that umpteen fellow obsessives have got there before me. Strange how they all seem to look a little like me..Fifty something, greying (ok grey for pity's sake - throw me a bone why don't you) and always filming alone (Christ that's depressing...but then again, 'people' can cramp one's style). But could this be the first Beatle Place scoop ??? A view from the inside of ......for God's sake enough already. 

Exciting posts (!!) of all the above Fab Hotspots can be found on this very blog !!! Wow I hear the masses say ! What a very fine Beatle Blogger your are Herr Brilig !!! So just scroll away...its all down below somewhere (pass me the pills)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's my Birthday, too....yeah !

It's all about being of a certain age. Beatles T-shirt, Beatles Book (hurah ! at last Tune In is in my grubby mitts !), Beatles toy car, Beatles Cards, Beatles cakes..........I absolutely love it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beatles Cakes

All parts edible. Birthday.....nuff said

Monday, October 21, 2013

In case you didn't know...

How would you not know ? Not knowing really who 'you'  might be...but if 'you' are here then 'you' almost certainly know that the Beatles tome is retailing at 30 squids at Waterstones but, wait for it, wait for it - it is an astonishingly cheap 18 squidos at W H Smith but ... wait for it, wait for can get 2 for  mere 22 squideroonies (getting bored of this). But would you really want two copies ? Yes...but hold on.... family shouting in ear that not supposed to buy two of the same book ?! What do you mean, family ? Cannot compute ? Of course I need two copies; one for the dust-free-air-conditioned-Beatles-bookcase-in-kids-free-study and one for the coffee table !!! Are you sure you are my kids ?

Sunday, September 8, 2013


As I wandered down Jermym Street yesterday pondering the course of my life and why I had not yet reached the point where I could afford a hand tailored suit  (and never would), I stumbled across this window display in one of the most venerable menswear stores. What the Hare Krishna was this all about ?? We know from the Beatles' London book (handily, at the bottom of my rucksack - enough all ready ...) that the Fabs frequented these parts to enhance their sartorial standing but that was at DAKs across the road. I see no record of purchases from Turnbull & Assers, Hosiers and Glovers. But hang on ! As I snapped away at the window display, a very gentle gentleman stepped out from the shop and invited me in to survey their Beatle related merchandise. Silk hankerchiefs of every Beatle album cover, jackets and tunics with fine inlays of famous Beatle moments ?! I asked the chap whether the shop had some sort of Beatle connection and he said that their Foursomeness had had their pyjamas made there ? Suits you, sir !

With time on my hands, I checked out latest status of No 3. Seems like the construction work has ground to a halt ? Did the 'Give three piece a Chance' campaign win the day ? Will the pitter-patter of tiny well shod feet not be heard running up and down the stairs at Kids Abercombie and Fitch ? Does anybody have any news on this ?
No 3 Savile Row
 Wait ! Wait ! Just discovered this on the intraweb - hankerchiefs at £95 a throw. But they are a limited edition....and I can't afford a suit - dam it man, I can't even afford a sodding hankerchief.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

I was well and truly shut-up by the youngest Brilig today. I was ranting on about the arrogance of that shaggy-haired shag-meister of One-Direction - apparently the teeny-bopper has dared to say that he boy band is now 'bigger than the Beatles' - when she asked whether John Lennon got into trouble when he said his boy band was 'bigger than Christ'. I started to explain that he has been misunderstood but....but.....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Palma Police Station
Passports all in order, the Brilig clan ventured forth on a rare excursion out of Blighty. A very pleasant two weeks in the Mallorcan sun with plenty of San Miguel to avoid dehydration as we sat on the beach at midday (of course) and moaned about the battalions of  bloody, noisy Germans encroaching our little piece of sand.

As the family dozed listening to bloody Tiny Temper or some other such rap crap on their Walkmans (surely not Walkmans ? Phones perhaps) and the irritating buzz of that Tiny chap drifted across the dunes, my mind wandered, as it always does, to thoughts of the Fabs. Was there any Beatle connection with this isle ? Something told me 'yes'. Of course, Cynthia has set up home here, but there was another connection I was sure. Yes, yes - JL came here with Yoko to 'acquire' her daughter Kyoko in 1971.......quick check on the wifi back at the villa told me all I needed to know.

There are pictures of Joko in and around the airport and the Police Station in Palma but I could not find anything of them at Manacor where they 'picked-up' Kyoko from a nursery.

I started hatching plans for an excuse for a family excursion to Manacor ('There's a great market there, kids with really cheap fake designer clothes') but the plan was scuppered when eldest Brilig (always the most suspicious) spotted Lennon pics on the page I had left open on family laptop. I tried to explain what parsimony with the truth meant and how it differs from actual lying but it was yet another family tumbleweed moment. I though about getting up early before the clan and driving there myself but then wondered whether it prudent for a middle-aged man (when will I accept 'late' middle aged) with camera to search out nurseries with the excuse being an obscure event from 40 years ago.....

And so, the moment and the opportunity evaporated. Pass me another San Miguel, its amazing how thirst you get at 40 degrees.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Passport to Pimlico

Well, not exactly Pimlico as the passport office is in Victoria but never let the truth get in the way of a mediocre title. And so for the third time in thirty years (passport renewal cycle of course) the Brilig holiday was in severe jeopardy as the passport renewal dates had been ....unobserved. With the threat of actual physical harm from the Brilig clan, I was ordered to take a day off and 'get it bloody well sorted' - my eleven year daughter's language is really developing.

Hahahahaha (evil laugh). Little did they know this was all part of  my elaborate scheme, plotted over many months to give me an excuse for a Beatles Fest day out in London in the brilliant sunshine ! With the Beatles London book hidden at the bottom of the rucksack (I did not want to give the game away) beneath the mountains of passport paperwork and multiple copies of mugshots signed by upstanding members of the community, I headed north to the metropolis. A fine Mad Day Our was on the cards....

Having queued and queued and queued at the Passport Office I was well and truly ready to make the most of the 4 hours between submitting the paperwork and the passports being ready. I had the said book open on pages 108+, the anticipation was building and several Beatle related watering holes were calling out to me.

But wait, what do you mean the photos of the beautiful children are not acceptable ??? What do you mean they they are not supposed to smile so much ?? What do you mean they were not all supposed to signed on the back ?? Dear God - don't I ever get a break !!!!!

Despite the misery of the passport situation, I managed to get a few Beatle snaps....not quite what I had planned but hey-ho....

36 Lyall Mews - Book page 111
First off, the very exclusive Lyall Mews. I had to move pretty sharpish after this photo as my presence was clearly causing some one inside some anxiety.

25 Pont Steet - Drug Man - Book page 112

San Lorenzo Restaurant - 22 Beauchamp Place - Book page 109
 The restaurant is still there and looks very pleasant. Thought about stopping for a quick bite to eat then remembered I still have most of my mortgage to pay

Borshtch 'n'n' Tears Restaurant - 45 Beauchamp Place - Book page 109
Back in about '88,  I 'dined' here with friends. I only have vague memories as the quaffing was rather intense that evening but I have an image in my mind of a semi-naked woman dancing on my table and drinking vodka from the bottle....

Parkes Restaurant - 4 Beauchamp Place - Book page 108
So this is where John Lennon got his line 'bent back tulips.

Pattie's Place - 15 Ovington Mews - Book page 111

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112
This one is new to me ! How can I really call myself a true Beatles fan when I did not even know this place existed ? It has not got an explicit entry in the Book but just a reference from Patti's Place (above). I peered through the window, I hung around the door, I photo'd everything in site. I suddenly remembered I am a middle aged businessman with three kids - what the hell am I doing with my Yellow Submarine cuff links, my Yeah Yeah Yeah socks !! Get back to the Passport office and sort out your life man !!!!!!

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112
 George Harrison's top flat.

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Blue Post Alley - Book Front Page
Its been a long day and not exactly a success as far as the passports are concerned but I deserve a drink. Actually I definitely do not deserve a drink given my ridiculous holiday-threatening antics....but I had one anyway at the Blue Posts.

Blue Posts Pub - inside

And look at that picture on the wall of the Blue Posts all leads back to the same thing.